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Teaching Staff

In today's world, a teacher's role is quite multifaceted. Their job is to counsel students, help them learn how to use their knowledge and integrate it into their lives so they will become valuable members of society. Teachers are encouraged to adapt learning methods to each individual student's learning, to challenge and inspire them to learn. The modern teaching profession is also about taking on broader roles to promote education.


Our Teaching Team


Class A - Miss K Davies                                                  

Class B - Mrs L Harrison

Class C - Miss L Sykes                           


Year 1:

Class 1A – Mrs A Waterlow/ Mrs S Crome                    

Class 1B - Mrs J Richards/ Mrs C Micallef              

Class 1C – Miss M Hennelly


Year 2:

Class 2A – Mrs N Allen                                         

Class 2B – Mr A Cheung   

Class 2C – Mr A Budden                                                     



Year 3:

Class 3A - Ms J Gharial                                                     

Class 3B - Miss H Lobb

Class 3C - Mr R Kvak                                     


Year 4:

Class 4A - Mr M Ebden                                        

Class 4B - Mr M Konis

Class 4C – Miss L O'Regan                                     

Class 4D - Mrs G Vyas


Year 5:

Class 5A - Ms H Thompson                                         

Class 5B – Mr S Murray  

Class 5C – Miss S Ali                   

Class 5D – Mr J Hood


Year 6:

Class 6A - Mrs N Reinecke                                           

Class 6B - Mrs G Nyoni

Class 6C - Mrs M McCullagh                                                  

Class 6D – Mrs K Maclead