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Pupil Participation Forum

During each half term we ask our pupils a number of questions relating to school life, and each class gives us feedback. 


For the w/b 8th October 2018 we asked the children:


Is there enough equipment on the playground and if not, what kind of equipment would you like? 


Answer: Overall pupils felt that there was not enough equipment on the playground and that would like to have more footballs, basketballs, skipping ropes and various other activities. 


As a result of this outcome, the school has ordered some more equipment which will be distributed between the two buildings accordingly.

The question for the week beginning 5th November was


Do you know how to stay safe online?


42% of pupils said yes they know the SMART rules and 25% said they know most of the SMART rules

The question for the week beginning 1st December was: 


Do you know what to do if you are worried about friends or people bullying you?


81% of pupils know what to do 

The question for the week beginning 15th December was:


Do we like school dinners?


14% of pupils said they liked all of them


34% of pupils said they liked most of them


43% of pupils said they liked a few of them 


9% of pupils said they don't like them at all


As a follow up to this the headteacher and catering team will be meeting with the School House Captains to discuss what changes could be made to improve the menu.  A report will then be submitted to the local authority catering services.



JCPS Pupil Survey


As you are aware, we recently asked pupils, parents and staff to complete a survey to tell us how we are doing as a school. 


An outside provider collated the information and it has been summarised as follows: 




Number of pupils taking part: 242 


Average positive response rate:85%  


Average negative response 3% 


Overall KS1 pupils are very positive about the school




Number of pupils taking part: 395 


Average positive response rate: 74% 


Average negative response rate: 10%


KS2 responses were positive overall, however a small number of areas will be discussed and addressed. These include behaviour of others, bullying, pupil views being taken into account, the reward system and after school/lunchtime activities.

The Health and Wellbeing action group.


The Health & Wellbeing Action Group is made up of our 8 House Captains, our staff health & wellbeing

co-ordinator and our staff Physical Health co-ordinator.


The purpose of the group is to ensure everyone in school is fit and healthy both physically and mentally.


This week the Health and Wellbeing action group met to talk about how we can make school more enjoyable and promote wellbeing for staff and children.


the children suggest (listed below) to help their fellow pupils:


  • Afternoon Activities - run or 10 minute activity
  • More Afterschool Clubs - Basket ball - Healthy cooking club - Athletics for Yrs 5&6 - Fitness club - Advanced gymnastics.
  • Learn more about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle
  • Fruit tasting to promote fruit day
  • Vegetable tasting
  • Improve the salad bar - bigger selection - ensure it does not run out and all class have access.
  • Playground Pals - to ensure everyone has someone to talk to (especially new children)
  • Consistency with timetable
  • PSHE consistency - talk about feeling etc.
  • Explain grouping to children
  • Friends stop promotion
  • More understanding of available adults to speak to e.g Mr Pile.
  • Somewhere for Year 6's to change for PE