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Conversion to Partnership Learning 1st May 2017

We are pleased to announce we joined Partnership Learning on 1st May 2017. 

Conversion to Partnership Learning 1st May 2017

Responses to Questions



  • The School will retain its name and there will be no obvious changes such as uniform.


  • Adults who work in the school will be unaffected in terms of their pay and conditions as Partnership Learning work closely with Local Authority unions. 


  • The school retains its own budget and will continue to manage it, to support the pupils to achieve the best outcome. We will continue to manage and improve our school buildings where funding allows from central government. A small amount of the budget goes to Partnership Learning in order to manage oversee structures instead of the current amount of the budget that is top sliced from the school to the Local Authority. The school will now be directly answerable to the DFE through Partnership Learning. These structures can be viewed on the Partnership Learning website.


  • The reason for choosing 1st March 2017 is that the DFE gives certain conversion dates after a usual 12 week consultation period. Converting at this date allows for a term to settle in before the start of an academic year. A date following a holiday makes consultation and signing off paperwork difficult as no-one is available. This was postponed to 1st May 2017


  • The school will not be able to influence such things as traffic in the street or road crossings any more than we can now.  The local authority is responsible for the highways and crossings.