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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

At JCPS we have an outside provider - Jets Sports, who runs a breakfast club every day.


The Jets SC Breakfast club recognises the importance in children starting the day right. A balanced breakfast is crucial to this as well as preparing the mind for the day ahead. The breakfast club is an opportunity for children to gain key social skills and develop confidence amongst their peers. The club normally allows the children to have a morning recess outside playing ball games. The club also has a range of board games which can be played.


Cost: £4.00 per day



  • Toast
  • cereal ( weetabix rice crispes coco pops)
  • Muffins with butter and jam
  • Crumpets with butter and jam
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Apple /orange or tropical juice


Jets Sports aim to offer a morning sports club alongside our current breakfast club to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Potential activities / Activity timetable:

Mon- Bench ball

Tue- Girls football

Thur- basketball

Fri- dodge ball

Breakfast club info:


For more info please call Josh on 07980 439 871