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At The James Cambell Primary School we are proud of our school uniform


  • Green Blazer (Compulsory for Yr 5 & 6 only)


  • Tie (Compulsory for Yr 5 & 6 only


  • Dark green jumper/cardigan


  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore


  • Yellow polo shirt


  • Black school shoes/black trainers


  • Grey/ white socks or grey tights


  • PE Kit


  • black shorts


  • white t-shirt (no buttons)


  • black plimsolls


  • Swimming costume/shorts


  • Towel


  • Swimming hat


Jewellery - only stud ear-rings are allowed

No jewellery may be worn during PE/Swimming lessons


Hair tied back for PE


No dyed hair, or patterns/lines cut into hair