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James Cambell Primary School Vision and Aims



School Vision

Our vision at The James Cambell Primary School is: “Inspiring a community of lifelong learners today who believe to achieve, accepting no limits, for a brighter tomorrow.”


“Believe to achieve for a brighter tomorrow”


School Aims

In order to fulfil our vision for the future, we at The James Cambell Primary School have the following aims; they describe the education, ethos and the values the school wishes to promote.


  • To provide a friendly and supportive ethos in which all pupils and staff, irrespective of gender, race, culture, religion or disability are valued, are consulted and can achieve success.


  • To promote a sense of personal worth in an atmosphere of trust and mutual support.


  • To ensure that each child is sufficiently motivated and encouraged to reach his/her full potential.


  • To show children standards of excellence and encourage them to gain satisfaction from their achievements.


  • To help children develop lively and enquiring minds, and be able to communicate effectively.


  • To equip children with attitudes, skills and knowledge to learn independently.


  • To encourage children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development in all areas of their life.


  • To help children become responsible citizens with a caring attitude to the environment.


  • To encourage children, parents, governors and the wider community to work in partnership to realise the aims of the school.