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House Points

House points are awarded for model behaviour around the school, effort in learning and other good deeds. Children also participate and compete in competitions and events for house points. House points are awarded using the following guidance:


  • 1 house point for an isolated achievement (i.e. a one off act of kindness, helpfulness, good work etc.)
  • 2 house points for a sustained achievement (i.e. good behaviour for a week, an achieved target, hard work on a project etc.)
  • 3 house points for a special achievement (i.e. something that goes above and beyond) or a group achievement (i.e. for winning a class-based team game)
  • 3 to 5 house points can be awarded for super special achievements by the Phase Leaders.
  • 5 to 10 house points can be awarded for super special achievements by Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Dinning or Mrs. Gray.


Every week, the house points are counted by our House Captains and a weekly winner announced during the Cups Assembly on a Friday led by the House Captains. House points are then tallied over the course of a term a winner is announced, and the children in that house are rewarded with a special event. At the end of the year, once all house points are tallied, the House Champions will be announced.

House Point Winners 

Week ending Friday 2nd February 2018


1st Goresbrook 760 points 

2nd Arden 625 points 

3rd Gale 604 points 

4th Langley 537 points